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"Give Me One Amazing Week Of Fun In The Sun, And I'll Give You The Keys To Make More Sales Than You Ever Dreamed Possible... No Matter What You Sell!"

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Set sail on The Jim Boat 8

“Make More Sales Millionaire Mastermind Cruise”

Discover dozens of ways you can automatically skyrocket your sales... no matter what you sell... no matter who you sell it to... and even if you HATE selling!


The Jim Boat is BACK and it's...

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On!

You might be asking, what exactly is the Jim Boat?

In short, the Jim Boat is an amazing experience at sea where you come together with dozens and dozens of your soon-to-be best friends to discover life changing and business building secrets, tips, and tools...

You'll have exciting adventures, make friendships that last a lifetime, and gain knowledge from experts that will literally change your life and business forever.

It is a totally transformative event, and when you're done, the only question you're gonna ask is "When's the next one?"

Experts agree that you learn better, retain more, and enjoy learning more in a fun, supportive environment.


Dive Deep Into The Most Important Topic In ANY Business

This is actually the eighth Jim Boat, and we've covered a lot of topics over the years.

But, the most important topic for ANY business is how to make more sales.

No matter what you do, if you're a coach, if you're an author, if you do e-commerce, if you do software; whatever you do, all of us need to make more sales.

So this year on the Jim Boat we're hosting the "Make More Sales Millionaire Mastermind".

You're going to learn all about how to make more sales, whether it's through Facebook Live, blog posting,  sales copy, YouTube videos, making better offers, or running better ads.

No matter what your skill level, we're going to focus on ONE thing... how to take your sales to the next level.

You're going to discover dozens of insider tips, tricks, and secrets you won't find anywhere else to increase sales... no matter what you sell, no matter how you sell it, and no matter who you sell it to.

It's the most important topic in any business, and we're going to cover it for a solid week of learning, fun, networking, and more.


You Will Enjoy a Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience!

You might be wondering what makes the Jim Boat different from all the other seminars out there.

The answer is: You get personal access to me and our expert guest panel.

The "Mastermind at Sea" format means you not only get all your questions answered, but you're going to walk away with specific things you can do to skyrocket your sales the instant you get home... or even before you get off the boat!

In fact, a lot of times the ideas are so amazing our cruise mates have hopped on the ship's Wi-Fi and implemented those ideas right from the middle of the ocean!!

So if you want to have an amazing time with an amazing group of people learning things that will change your life and business forever, you need to be on the Jim Boat.


Specific Topics We'll Cover On This Jim Boat

  • Sales Story Secrets - how to sell with stories in any situation and for any purpose... how to change people's emotional state with compelling stories that make them pull out their wallets and buy now...
  • Facebook Live Selling Secrets - how to sell more live on Facebook, even if you have a tiny audience and are just getting started...
  • Killer Sales Hooks - how to hook people into your sales messages so they're eager to buy, even at premium prices...
  • Amazing Offer Formulas - how to position any product, service, book or software as the BEST option in any situation (especially when you have a lot of competition)...
  • Hidden Objections Blaster - how to uncover and defuse even the most stubborn objections as to why people don't buy (and turn those objections into powerful reasons to buy right now)...
  • Content Cash Machine - how to turn any piece of content into a powerful selling machine that flies under people's radar and they don't even realize they're being sold...
  • Hundred Million Dollar Infomercial Secrets - how to apply the same secrets that launched a half a BILLION dollar fitness juggernaut to your online videos (and CRUSH your competition)...
  • Book Launch Secrets - how to sell books by the truckload and use your book sales to fill your sales funnel with high-paying customers for life...


It's Your VIP Experience - Vacation Integrated w/ Profits!

This cruise is all about YOU!

There are all kinds fun things to do on a cruise, and nobody (including me) wants to get stuck in a seminar room 12 hours a day while other people are having a great time onboard an amazing luxury cruise ship!

Like I said, this is our 8th Jim Boat... we've got this down to a science for making sure you have a GREAT time AND discover how to massively increase your sales at the same time.

As far as formal seminar, we usually have about three hours of training on the sea days. When we're in port, we do 60 to 90 minutes of training before dinner.

But that's only a small slice of the amazing value you'll get... because you'll have all kinds of opportunities to network with people who can answer your questions and give you ideas. People you can bounce ideas off and get feedback, input, and advice from instantly.

Plus, you get to do it in an environment totally conducive to relaxation and having a great time... in fact, it's so relaxed that people share stuff with you they normally couldn't in a traditional seminar setting because they simply don't have time.

Imagine being able to walk up to your favorite teacher, guru, or expert on a tropical beach or by the pool bar and say "Hey, can I ask you a couple of questions?" There are lots of opportunities on a cruise seminar that you don't have at a regular 4-5 day seminar at a hotel.


NOT The Typical Weekend Seminar In A Stuffy Hotel

Think about something for a minute.

When you go to a weekend seminar in some city somewhere, you have to pay for the weekend seminar, right?

At a traditional seminar you're going to pay anywhere between a thousand and two thousand bucks. Then you gotta pay for a hotel. That's going to be a couple of hundred bucks a night, even if you're staying in a flea bag hotel.

Then you're going to have to pay for all your meals, all your snacks, all your drinks, all your entertainment, and all of a sudden that $2,000 seminar ends up being $3,000, $4,000... even $5,000 once all's said and done.

Plus, those hotel seminars are a real drag where you feel isolated in your room after exhausting days crammed into a tiny seat in a cramped seminar room that often feels like a deep freeze.

Yikes! No fun 🙁


With Your "Millionaire Mastermind" Cruise... It's All Included!

The great thing about the way this cruise is set up is that you simply pay one price... and that price includes your "hotel," because your hotel is the ship! (And by the way, there are few places on earth more fun than a cruise ship!)

  • It includes all your meals.
  • It includes your gourmet dining package!
  • It includes all your drinks with the unlimited drink package.
  • It includes the fee for the seminar for you and your partner / spouse.
  • It includes all your entertainment.
  • It includes the bon voyage cocktail networking parties that we have at the beginning and at the end of the cruise.
  • It includes your departure taxes.
  • ... and more!

And the great thing is that we also have a payment plan set up so this is easy to add into your budget between now and when we set sail in November 2019.


Get Onboard For Massive Value

You might be thinking "Okay, I'm a newbie, is this is going to be too advanced for me?"

And the answer to that is absolutely not because we gear the Jim Boat to work for you no matter what your skill levels.

That's the beauty of the Mastermind Format.

If you're a newbie, you're going to have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification.

You're going to experience classes that will give you specific things you can do in your business to make more sales quickly. Even if you're not making a lot of sales right now or you're just getting started - it doesn't matter - because we'll help you with strategies to get off to a fast start!

Point Blank: You're going to learn what you need to know at this stage in your business to make more sales, while getting all your questions answered.


And If You're Already Successful Online, Find That "One Thing" To Make All The Difference In Your Business Too!

So let's say that you've been around, like myself, for over two decades selling products, services, software, books and affiliate offers online. Is the Jim Boat "Make More Sales Mastermind Cruise" still right for you? And the answer is absolutely YES, for several reasons.

Number one, the training we provide works on many different levels.

If you've ever seen a Disney movie where the adults are laughing at one section and the kids are laughing in another section, that's what happens with our training as well. We have content for experts and we have content for newbies... and everyone in between... all baked into every presentation.

Number two, you're going to meet movers and shakers you can network with.

Think about just one joint venture opportunity. If you found the right joint venture partner, what would that mean to your business?

Speaking of joint ventures...


True Story About Networking On A Cruise And Meeting
Joint Venture Partners

I met my most successful and profitable joint venture partner of my career on a cruise seminar (The Jim Boat 7).

He and I have gone on to make literally MILLIONS of dollars together with a project that spawned from a chance encounter on a cruise.

Truth be told: my wife didn't want to do that cruise (we had some family commitments) and I had to really work on her to convince her to go.

Looking back, we're both glad I talked her into it! 😉


A Powerful Mastermind Experience

You need to be there, regardless of your current skill, income, or business level, because you're going to get input and feedback from people who can help you with that one idea that can revolutionize your business.


You're going to make great new friends.

You're going to have an amazing time.

You're going to relax, plan, and get ready for an amazing rest of the year and be able to start the new year off right, too!

But don't just take my word for it, take a look at what these past Jim Boat cruisers have to say...


Past Jim Boaters Share Their Thoughts!

"The best thing I ever did..."


"Integrity - Knowledge - Value"


"Combine fun and learning... while relaxing!"


"Meet great people"


"Jim is a great teacher"


"Incredible content!"


"Get serious and get off the fence."


"You missed the boat"


"Questions answered. Truly a family."


"Jim is the real deal."


"Prioritize ideas and take action."


Here's The Reason Why You Can't Wait Until The Last Minute!

You want the best cabin, at the best price, right? So do thousands of other people!

Why should you book now as opposed to waiting?

#1 Reason To Book Now

Right now the best rooms are available at the best price. That's the truth. We have a block of great rooms, but they're only available for a very limited time.

Plus, as time goes by, the cruise ship starts handing out rooms to other people.

You want to book right now so you can get the best cabin and the best upgrades at the best prices.

Bottom line: You need to sign up now because we have a very limited number of cabins and people are already snapping them up.

That's why you need to sign up right now!


You Deserve the BEST!

Whether you are an experienced cruiser or you are a total newbie to cruising, we are going on the best cruise line there is, Norwegian (just named North America's #1 cruise line by World Travel Awards).

This is the ONLY cruise line my wife and I go on every single year for our anniversary and birthday cruise. NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) is by far and away the best as far as the decor, staff, food, activities, and entertainment.

Plus, everybody goes on a cruise for the first time.

If you've never been before, I will tell you the coolest thing is it's like your hotel moves to each destination. You unpack once, then your hotel moves to take you to all those cool places. That is just an amazing experience when you wake up every day and you're in a new spot.

This cruise line is awesome, and you are going to have a vacation of a lifetime while discovering new ways to make more sales in your business.


The Perfect Itinerary

You're going to experience an amazing itinerary.

We'll start out of Miami. I recommend coming in at least a day early.

Then we're going to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico for incredible adventures.

Then we'll go to Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, which by the way, my wife has her own personal jeweler there. Yay!

Then we're off to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

And, on Tortola, you're invited to an optional group beach getaway that's pretty amazing. We all go to the beach together and have a fun-filled, awesome, amazing day. This is part of that whole process I mentioned about creating friendships that literally last a lifetime.

Also, you're going to some amazing places at a time of year when it's a lot more fun to get warmed up instead of being in the cold!


One Low Price Does It All!!

Bottom Line: The Cruise, The Seminar Classes, Your Drinks, Your Taxes, Your Gourmet Dining Package, and MORE Are ALL INCLUDED For A Single Price… All You Have To Do Is Get On The Boat!

The great news for you is that we have rolled the cost of everything into a single price.

How much it costs just depends on which type of cabin you prefer.

If you want to go with the deluxe owner suite then it's one price... and if you want to go with an inside double occupancy room then it costs another, lower price.

The cost, just like any cruise, depends on which cabin you choose, because the great news is we've rolled the price of the seminar into the cost of the room.

You don't have to pay separately for the seminar.

You also don't have to pay separately for your taxes, for your departure fees, for your meals, for your drinks, for your entertainment, etc..


Get Onboard Now!!

It couldn't be easier.

What you need to do now is click the link below and go check out the current pricing on the various types of rooms available.

Decide which type of cabin you want and book your reservation.

That's all it takes to reserve your spot!

Now's the time to take action.

Now's the time to book your reservation!


Now's The Time To Commit To Going On The Jim Boat
To Change Your Life And To Make More Sales!

Now's the time to grab your spot so you can network with some of the best and the brightest online, and to enjoy an amazing, transformational, life-changing experience with a group of wonderful people who will ultimately end up being some of the best friends you will ever make in your whole life.

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I can't wait to see you and hang out with you on an amazing adventure.

All aboard The Jim Boat!

Jim Edwards 

P.S. - There really is NOTHING else left to tell you.

This is an amazing experience with at an incredible price.

You haven't seen a no-brainer offer like this since 2-for-1 umbrella drinks... and YOUR umbrella drinks are included!!

Grab your spot on this amazing mastermind at sea right now... you'll be glad you did 😀

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